So I found the Sightless Pit…

… And I accidentally went in.

Not only is this NOT the way to loot the Oblivion book (for easy gold), but it is also a pretty bad idea. Overall, the Pit isn’t too bad, until you get to the end that is. I did not read up too much about the easy gold exploit in the Sightless Pit area, and I thought I had to go in to look for these skeletons. Instead, I was met by these wretched things called the Falmer, I race of snow elves that have degenerated in temperment and sophistication from years living in caves ( These snow elves are not much of a threat so long as they are attacking you with weapons. It’s the mage-type that you should be concerned with. In one corridor, I was caught off guard by a pair of Falmer using frost spells. This was a tough fight for me becuase I have virtually no frost resistences (or any other elemental resistence for that matter). I got passed them and moved forward, encountering different types of Falmer along the way. The real trouble came when I hit (presumably) the last room of the Pit. I say presumably because I actually didn’t finish clearing the Pit, so I’m not sure where it ends. When I hit this room, it looked empty. All of the sudden, 6 or so red dots appeared on my navigation bar. I backed up and drew my bow. I got off about 2 shots before they closed in on me. From what I can see, there were at least 2 warrior type Falmers, at least one archer, and the rest some sort of mage type. I didn’t get a very good survey because I was immediately bobbing and weaving out of the way of axes and frost attacks. I didn’t last very long.

I tried fighting my way through a few times; and I even tried just running through to see how far I could make it. By the way, I tried running through that last time because, by then, I realized what I was looking for was not inside the Pit. Before the mad dash, I tried backtracking to find my way back out to Skyrim. This did not work however, because there is no way (at least that I could see) to climb back up and out of the pit. The only way is through to the end. So I ran.

I didn’t make it.

I was forced to load back to an earlier save, which luckily I did right outside the pit. I was trying to avoid this because I got some pretty good loot from the pit, as well as gained a few levels. But I really didn’t have a choice. Could I have made it through had I persisted? Probably. Though, being after midnight by this point and 5 am (when my alarm goes off) approaching rather quickly, I opted to just reload. Mind you, I planned on doing a “crafting” night. I knew I wouldn’t have much time to play, because I got home pretty late, so I decided I was just going to work on some crafting levels. And I thought that extra gold that I can get “easy” would come in handy. I didn’t mean to get wrapped up in the Sightless Pit.

The correct place, if you are directly facing the entrance to the Pit, is slightly to the right and up the mountain from the Pit. If you follow the path up the mountain, you will eventually come to an alter. On this alter there is a seemingly dead skeleton, some armor on the floor and a few other things scattered on the alter. When you try to loot something from this area, the skeleton will come to life. Two other skeletons will arise as well. Defeat these three and you will be able to loot the Obilvion book.

Hint: Search the skeleton but do not take the loot. Back out and search again. You will notice that now you can loot 2 books. Again don’t loot. Back out and search again. It adds 1 every time you do this. I walked away from the skeleton with 60 books, which I sold for a considerable profit. I left a few items on the skeleton, not looting everything, just to see if I visited the area again, I’d be able to loot the books again.

Also a note on the Falmer: If you do decide to clear out the Sightless Pit, Falmer (being snow elves) are weak against fire based attacks.



Searching for the Sightless Pit

I haven’t been able to post in a couple of days. I had a pretty hectic weekend and not only did it cut down on my writing time, it also cut down on my gaming time. I may have jumped into Skyrim for about an hour or two this weekend, and for all of you who play the game, you know that is not really much time at all.

That little time I spent in-game, I spent searching for the Sightless Pit. Now, I’m not one for exploits or cheats, EVER, but I figured a little extra gold couldn’t hurt.

For those of you who don’t know, there is an exploit in the game that allows for easy gold attainment. At the Sightless Pit, there is a tome. I believe it is called Oblivion, but I don’t have the reference in front of me. There is armor sitting at the area, and once touched, 3 skeletons appear. If I remember correctly, you can loot the tome off one of the skeletons after you defeat them. This tome sells for 50 gold each, and this can be repeated over and over.

Anyway, for some reason, I couldn’t find the place. I have more or less walked the entire area below Winterhold but did not run into it. I checked the map from the strategy guide and I thought I was in the area that the map pointed out, but no luck.

So yes, I spent all of my weekend game-time searching for a place that I have still not yet found.

Has anyone taken advantage of this exploit? How do you guys feel about using exploits in a game? I find that since it is a single player game, I don’t really feel guilty using an exploit. Especially if it is only for gold. It does not really have too much of an effect on the game itself, and it is not harming anyone else in the process.